Other funds

Stee in Stad has been made possible by:

City Council Groningen, housing corporations Lefier and ‘De Huismeesters’  in the neighbourhood power project ‘Keep on living nicely’.

Stiching Doen (Foundation ‘Do It’)

Stichting Doen is a foundation of a charity lottery and was founded to support all kinds of small initiatives. Stichting Doen supports about 250 initiatives which aim at Responsible Developments and Social Cohesion (Nationale Postcode Lotery –  national postal code lottery), Culture (BankGiro loterij, – a lottery founded by banks) and Welfare (Sponsor Bingo Loterij – sponsor bingo lottery). Stichting Doen supports both small and bigger initiatives, starting from core values like Responsibility, Enterprising, Audacity.



The NAM employment fund provides employment projects for people in a social difficult position.


H.S. Kammingafonds

The H.S. Kamminga foundation provides investments and subsidies for projects in the social and social-cultural field.