Other partners

Stee in Stad is an initiative of five social organisations that cooperate, each from their own perspective, to improve living in the neighbourhoods of Groningen.

Housing corporation Lefier

‘Working for living in a vital Groningen’ is Lefier’s mission. A vital city is a pleasant city to live in the first place, with neighbourhoods that offer everything needed to make living there as pleasant as possible. Variety in types of houses, facilities, the atmosphere and social cohesion provide the typical character of a neighbourhood. That is why Lefier invests in real estate ànd in social measures. The things that make a neighbourhood complete is different for each neighbourhood. To achieve this inhabitants, partner corporations, social institutions and the city council work together. Lefier participates in the development of Stee in Stad, because the project contributes to safety, living conditions and employment in the ‘Korrewegwijk’. Lefier offers Stee in Stad temporary housing that meets the safety demands and has the necessary facilities.


The Alfa-college offers vocational training for young students, but also for adults. One of the possibilities is AKA, which stands for Labour Market Qualified Assistant. An AKA-project takes about one year and teaches the participants to be good employees in a work situation. The student acquires general employee skills and professional skills of four different types. The project ends with a Labour Market Qualification of a Professional Qualification. At Stee in Stad students can qualify themselves in Technology, Trade and Economy or Care and Welfare. The project manager AKA of the Alfa-college takes care of training and registers the practical qualifications the students acquire at Stee in Stad.

Vrouwencentrum Jasmijn (Women’s centre Jasmijn)

Gemeente Groningen (City Council Groningen)