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From ‘power’ to ‘flower’ neighbourhood

When restructuring the neighbourhood Transvaal in the Hague seemed to become an excavation, a group of artists thought of different projects to visualize that project for the general public. In that way the hotel Transvaal was born, with temporary hotel rooms in houses that were going to be demolished. Now there are no more houses that will be demolished, so the hotel Transvaal closed its doors, but the concept lives on in Stee in Stad in Groningen. Stee in Stad is situated in the Korrewegwijk in Groningen, in the Nieuw-Indische buurt. In this neighbourhood live many people with low incomes, relatively. At the same time the neighbourhood has an enterprising character: there are many small businesses and possibilities to get people started their own business. Stee in Stad wants to contribute to the development from ‘power’ to ‘flower’neighbourhood, where more and more people live and are housed pleasantly; they are proud to live there! How does Stee in Stad contribute? By connecting people’s opportunities and their surroundings. By telling and showing their stories. By offering opportunities to unemployed people to be active as a volunteer, getting labour.